Nate's Journey

A map detailing nate's Holocaust journey

"To avoid thinking I repeated the words ‘after the war.’ The words stuck in my mind like a mantra. After the war. The words blended into the clang of the wheels. Would there ever be an end to the war?"

Nate Leipciger

Nate Leipciger began his Holocaust journey when the Germans occupied Poland and forced his family, along with thousands of other Polish Jews, from their homes. Nate's family first moved to a ghetto in the the town of Sosnowiec and then into the nearby Srodula ghetto.

In 1943, his family was sent to Auschwitz, where his mother and sister were murdered. Over the next two years, Nate and his father endured six more camps before finally being liberated at a subcamp of Dachau.

Sometimes they left a camp on foot, other times in trains. Each time they left one camp, Nate and his father supported and helped each other survive the trip and the grueling conditions at the next camp.

After liberation, they searched for surviving family members and discovered that his mother and sister, and most family members had not survived.