Funfteichen tracing Nate's footsteps


Metal identification tag worn by prisoner of Fünfteichen Concentration Camp.


The creation of a Gross-Rosen subcamp in Fünfteichen (later Miłoszyce) near Breslau (Wrocław) was closely connected to the decision to build another armaments plant for the Maschinenfabriken Friedrich Krupp Berthawerk AG at that location.


Excerpts from The Long Night

Ernst Israel Bornstein was incarcerated in seven concentration camps, following a similar path to Nate Leipciger, before finally being liberated by American soldiers near Lake Starnberg in Bavaria on 30 April 1945. His book, The Long Night, tells his story.


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Holocaust Matters showcases carefully curated extracts from the vivid memoirs of Dr Ernst Israel Bornstein who survived seven Nazi labour and extermination camps.