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Epstein School Interviewing Project


Am Yisrael Chai is a community wide Holocaust related program that focuses on the lives of families before, during and after the Holocaust. It is based on the spirit of the Jewish People not only to survive, but to succeed and excel. While it looks at the broad scope of community life, it focuses on individual people and on families. Am Yisrael Chai encourages a pride in having survived and succeeded despite the horrendous circumstances in Nazi Germany. The program describes the effect this had on people throughout the world.

For 2010, we are focusing on families from Latin American communities.

This year, we have partnered with The Epstein School to create the


Twelve 7th grade students completed a training workshop with Sara Ghitis of "Oral Histories and Life Stories". The students were chosen due to their writing ability and interest in the project. They interviewed families to obtain an oral family history. The students created a written document depicting an aspect of the family history and also created a family poster board/collage for the Am Yisrael Chai Exhibition. The exhibit, including interviews and posters will be on display at Congregation Beth Tefillah during the months of April and May 2010. The exhibition will be opened at the Am Yisrael Chai Yom Hashoah Commemoration Event, April 14th, 2010.

This has been an incredible experience in passing vital information on to the next generation.

We Shall Never Forget!

Below is Myrna Rubel, Principal of the Middle school at The Epstein School with seventh grade students. Not pictured is Kathryn Godwin, 7th grade English teacher has worked closely with the students, guiding them in creating their written work.

Names of the students: Ilana Ander, Asher Berman, Garon Berenson, Leah Greenberg, Sarah Hamer, Alan Ilyayev, Rachel Jones, Karly Kaplan, Talia Katz, Ruthie Nathan, Marissa Oves, Jack Schneider, Jeremy Shapiro, Ilana Sturisky

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Epstein School students pictured in the Living Holocaust Memorial Garden with the families they interviewed

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