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Date Last Updated: 06-Oct-2014

Am Yisrael Chai

Am Yisrael Chai - Justice and Response

Complete video from the Justice and Response Program


This year, Am Yisrael Chai! presents

Lessons learned from the Holocaust.

A powerful and unforgettable event



Irwin Cotler

Benjamin Ferencz was born in Romania and emigrated to the USA in the 1920s. After graduating from Harvard Law School, he returned to Europe as a Liberator where he witnessed first hand the atrocities of the Holocaust. He is the only living Chief Prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials. He was instrumental in the formation of the International Criminal Court and is an active Human Rights Lawyer.

Irwin Cotler

Donald Ferencz was born in Nuremberg, Germany where his father had served as Chief Prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials. In Nuremberg, the Nazis were held accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Donald Ferencz is a lawyer, an educator and a proponent of the rule of law. Together with his father, he created the Planethood Foundation that advocates for replacing the law of force with the force of law. He is a lawyer for Global Justice.

The event also included an exhibit.
Pursuing Justice: Nuremberg's Legacy, created and circulated by the Florida Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida.

This event was held in commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Exhibit & Opening Reception 6:30pm
Justice and Response Program 7:00-8:30pm
followed by a Dessert Reception

Venue: AJA Auditorium 5200 Northland Drive Atlanta GA 30342

For more information, please contact us at amyisraelchaiatlanta@gmail.com